About Us

We developed a machine to automate the unit dose process 9 years ago. Starting form scratch we are now a medium size company going very well.
At some moment, few years ago, one of the partners said:

“These people of Healthcare have many problems, we should help them.”

We put Patient Safety goal on the mission statement of the company, and then things start to change. Being engineers we went to school to make post-graduation on Quality and Patient Safety.

Process began to accelerate. Our customers realized our passion for this matter was true.

Now we are at 700 hospitals, located in 21 countries.

The information provided by Opuspac System is good help to nurses who are the potential second victim.

We converted the unit dose package in a media of communication.

Developed software, machines and system to induce the reading of the drug name. We added to our staff Pharmacist Doctors to develop all the 90 layouts and we grew towards full automation process, making it simple and lower cost.

We intend to make our solutions easy available to Healthcare institutions of any size at many countries.


With Opus 30X acquisition we had an increase of productivity and improvement at the process and at the information carried by packages in order to assure quality at supply chain.

Patrícia Zinsly Borges, Coordinator of Pharmacy Department of Hospital Veracruz, Campinas, SP.

Unit dose machine from Opuspac is easy to operate and speeds the handling with drugs, being innovative about safety issues, alerting of risks and giving proper guidance to nurses.

Caroline Hemielewski, Pharmacyst Doctor, Hospital Moinhos de Vento, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil.

Opuspac’s unit dose equipment allows us an increase at productivity, optimization of labor and speed of attention, giving more safety to patients.

Milena Telles Colissi, Pharmacyst Doctor, Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Porto Alegre, RS.

Opus 30 brought us several improvements related with productivity and quality of the information at labels, giving more safety to our patients and nurses, because visual information is a necessity, including alert information with colors.

Marcelo Borges, Material Manager of Real Hospital Português, Recife, PE, Brazil.

We created a good partnership with Opuspac. Their service is superior. Cost benefit is very interesting and attends our operational necessities of hospital Pharmacy.

Dr. Ronelly Rodrigues, Pharmacist manager of all hospitals of AMIL Group (United Health) , with 27 machines installed at network.