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Logistic Flow

See how to expand Hospital Logistics, step-by-step and with security from the same supplier

Opuspac is the largest creator of Logistics Automation technology in Brazil. This means that we have the most complete and fully integrated solutions, with more than 850 installations in 26 countries.

These solutions are proven by large hospitals, which bring savings, return on investment, agility and safety to the patient, reducing AE.

We are world-class quality manufacturers with Brazilian prices. We understand the health market and our innovations are developed to meet your budget.

Our proprietary softwares enable integration with your ERP.

Step-by-step for you to expand your Hospital Logistics system

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Step 1

Aivak e Flag: Robotic Unit Dose Repackaging of Meds

AIVAK: Robotic Unit-Dose of blister pills

Opus Flag: Automatic Labeling of Ampoules and Vials

Step 2

OpusPick: Electronic Picking at Central Pharmacy for Mats and Meds

Electronic Picking provides digitization of mats and meds flows

Electronic picking to the Central Pharmacy, up to 800 SKU and 30,000 units. Accelerate productivity by digitizing material and medicine flows.

First In – First Out, reduces EA with powerful control Smartpick software with remote control with OPUS SYNC, that integrates with ERP in several modalities.

The drawers only open when the system requires it and then the med’s barcode is scanned.

Opuspick is composed of a base module, main, and auxiliary, with one or more additional modules.

Step 3

PPO Stock Modules (Pik One + Opus Mat): Smart Dispensers for ER, ICU, CC and Satellite Pharmacies

The PO Modules (Pik One + Opus Mat) are a set of Smart dispensaries, with unitary, one-to-one dispensing. Modular, it has capacity for up to hundreds of SKUs of materials or drugs, depending on the configuration, and capacity for more than 6,000 units (see model in the link below). They are made up of Pik One smart dispensers, for ONE x ONE dispensing, with SAFE STOCK, plus an additional Opus Mat cabinet, with electronic doors for bulky or cheap products. Very affordable equipment.

See all models of the Hospital Logistics line:

Opuspac Simplified Integral Logistics Diagram (pdf, 1.58 MB)

We have a dream.

Provide integrated hospital logistics, without waste and without so many people involved in the process.

Imagine that an operator can perform a correct and smooth separation, being guided in all steps;

Imagine nurses working in patient care and not managing stocks, where products reach the patient at the right time and in the right quantity.

This dream can come true, with the company that is the market leader and with a body of technical assistance that values care for details, based on technical management.

Opuspac offers world-class disruptive technologies with scalable, step-by-step expansion, with economy, reliability and security.

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Hospital Technology present in more than 850 hospitals in 26 countries

Complete Opuspac System Solutions

Unidose Process Automation and Hospital Logistics for Meds and Mats is our specialty. You will find here many options and comprehensive solutions of equipments, materials, software, information, services and other solutions to best solve the specific case that involves your institution.

Unit Dose and Liquid Fractionating Machines

Unit Dose and Fractionation Machines or Opuspac medication distribution system, in addition to being easy to operate for the employee, greatly speeds up the process of dispensing medications per unit dose. They are innovative machines in the concern with patient safety, in the medication process, in the possibility of guidance on risks and alerts about medications for the care team, avoiding Adverse Events.

Máquina de unitarização Opus 30G

Opus 30G

Cortadora de blíster BC 200

BC 200

Máquina integrada corte de blíster + unidose de blísteres e ampolas 30G+BC200i

30G + BC 200

AIVAK - Unitarização robótica de blísteres com IA


Fracionadora líquidos e álcool gel Opus MK5

Opus MK5

Filling of liquid and cream in syringe or sachet


Why unitarize

Unitarization is the process of preparing meds in ready form to be administered to the patient.

This process is normally carried out at the Hospital Pharmacy, Medicines Storage Sector or Unit Dose Center for several hospitals, but always linked to the responsibility and control of the Hospital Pharmacy. Unitarization or fractionating of medicines is important to centralize the control of meds in the Hospital Pharmacy and to differentiate packaging. Also to place a hospital barcode.

The centralization of control allows a reduction of up to 57% of Adverse Events, according to two studies carried out in Germany and the USA.

Identification of Mats and Meds

Opus Fçag - Etiquetagem automática de ampolas e frascos

Opus Flag

Opus Ink

Smart Cabinets

Pik One

Opus Mat



Opuspac’s Original Packaging


Software Opus 4.0 (imagem ilustrativa)

Opus 5.0 Plus

Software PickOS (imagem ilustrativa)

Smart Pick

Software COLOS Pro (imagem ilustrativa)

Colos Pro


Technical Assistance

Preventive Maintenance

Spare Parts Orders

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