Original Packaging

Opuspac produces equipment and materials. This means that you have the advantage of obtaining the unidosis machines and supplies directly from the same supplier, guaranteeing performance and quality.

What packaging does Opuspac produce?

All Opuspac machines and unit-dose equipment are designed for perfect performance only with genuine Opuspac consumables/materials.

Opus 30G/Opus 30X/Opus 30E Opus Flag AIVAK Pro
Applications Unit-dose of ampoules, blisters or kits Ampoule Identification Flags Unit-doses of mats, meds and kits


Color stripe:
Crystal white (no stripe),Additional option of photosensitive packaging.
Colored flags:
Black ribbon
PREMIUM 33mm x 500m.
Colored ribbons for printing stripes in colors: black, red, blue and green.


*For other color options and combinations, please contact us.

How are the Ribbons supplied?

Ribbons are supplied in rolls of 500 meters (for Opus Flag) and 600 meters (for Opus 30G, Opus One and AIVAK Pro).

The print yield on unitary packaging is 10,000 to 40,000 impressions, depending on the equipment model.

Rolo de embalagens de unitarização

What are the advantages of using original Opuspac packaging?

Exclusive Opus Bio packaging:: When disposed of in landfills, it becomes organic material, no longer plastic.*

Better sealing: no leakage or loss of meds.

• Maintains print quality.**

• Specially developed for Opuspac machines.

Packages with colored stripes, where applicable, increasing the differentiation of med classes.

Easy-open system, which facilitates opening without waste due to unit dose dropping.

Warranty and Technical Assistance.

*  Unitary machine packaging only, except metallized photosensitive ones.
** See videos demonstrating the quality of Opuspac supplies below.

Unit dose packaging easy-open system
Opuspac unidose re-packaging samples (front and back)

In ALL our UNIT-DOSE MACHINES and EQUIPMENT use only AUTHENTIC and EXCLUSIVE supplies/materials from Opuspac. Thus, it guarantees the correct operation of the equipment, avoiding corrective maintenance and unwanted expenses.

Opuspac Authentic Materials are designed and manufactured with the quality and experience of the number 1 brand in meds unit-dose machines in the Latin American market.

All Opuspac machines and equipment were designed to work perfectly with only authentic Opuspac supplies/materials and as a result, sealed containers with no leakage or loss of meds.

Get better results with theformula

Equipamentos Opuspac

Opuspac Equipments

Materiais Originais Opuspac

Opuspac Original Materials

Programa Operador Certificado

Certified Operator

Manutenção Preventiva Opuspac

Opuspac Preventive Maintenance

Manutenção Preventiva Opuspac

Exclusive Biodegradable Material

All this results in High Productivity and Safety.

1. Preventive Maintenance of Equipment: in this way corrective maintenance is avoided and the unit dose process is not stopped.

2. Certified Operator Program: certify the operator of your Opuspac machine and make sure that it works correctly and uses the original materials/supplies correctly. You will safely maintain high productivity and avoid unexpected expenses.

3. The use of Original Opuspac Supplies impacts the productivity and economy results of the Hospital Pharmacy.

Material and machine are a UNIT, designed for each other.

• Opuspac packaging is manufactured in an ideal thickness that does not damage the machine.

• Use at the correct temperature will not damage the packaging.

• The white material is a cavitated material and very light to facilitate the opening of the container.

• The final approval of a material is the test on the machine itself.

Embalagem de unitarização com uma tarja colorida na frente e impressão no verso, e máquinas utilizadas
Etiqueta flag usada para identificação de ampolas com a máquina Opus Flag

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