Máquina unitarizadora de ampolas e blísteres Opus 30G

Simple solution for filling liquids and creams in syringes or sachets

iBfill is an automated technological solution for fractioning small batches of liquids and creams into sachets* or syringes, in the exact amount, avoiding waste and optimizing time and delivery.

Fill and seal, and can also accommodate the product in a protective packaging.

• First line of hospital automation
• Liquid fractionation, ideal for syrups and other hospital products
• Fills syringes and sachets
• Packs
• Economic fractionation
• Precise dosage
• Economical, safe, sealed packaging with an easy-to-open system

iB-Fill packs and seals. It also accommodate the product in a protective packaging, which facilitates transport and storage.

Redução de desperdício e RoI em poucos meses.

Example for a 200-bed hospital that sends 1,200 vials of syrup per month to the Infirmary:

• Average bottle cost = U$ 64,00
• Monthly cost = U$ 76.800,00
• Estimated waste of 30%: R$ 23,000.00 (waste occurs when the product/bottle is discarded when the patient is discharged from the hospital; and when the product does not fully drain from the vial).

Acquire iBfill and recover your investment in less than 2 months, according to the example we show.

iBfill Presentation Brochure (4 downloads )
Case de um hospital de 250 leitos

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