It was 2008 when Moisés Curvello, who at the time was assisting the automotive industry in the installation of robots, joined his friend Victor Basso to found Opuspac. The two engineers had a combined 50 years of entrepreneurial experience. They started with a small plant, 130 m², and one technician.

Everything in this company was designed from nothing, without any imitations. Victor says that he does not know how to repeat a design. This is the only way to build a differentiated product, adapted to the local market and without foreign competitors.

Adding value to the market it serves is one of the main pillars of this company, which is manifested in the auxiliary services to the purchase of equipment.  For this reason, 10% of its staff currently have studies in the Health area. Its knowledge of automation is no less important, 22% of its personnel work in the areas of technology creation and innovation, with the aim of improving ecology and reducing waste and residues.

Its extensive line of automation equipment grew with unit dose machines and was extended to all the automation functions of hospital logistics.

Today, with equipments in 700 hospitals in 21 countries, the company’s goal is to take all its knowledge in Patient Safety and Hospital Logistics Automation to all of Brazil and other countries. Opuspac finds countries outside Brazil with old methodologies that could benefit from the techniques we have here as standards. The blog, with 50 technical articles, in three languages, is a demonstration that it is determined to take it seriously.

In March 2022, Opuspac will be at the European Congress of Hospital Pharmacy for the third time. Previously based in Gothenburg, Barcelona and now in Vienna. Two equipment will be on exhibition, with which it intends to lead the European market: the AIVAK robot for blister unit-dose packaging; and a modern machine for placing flags on ampoules and vials: the Opus Flag. Surrounded by the greatest creators of Hospital Logistics Automation in the world, it will present Brazilian technology, with its strength in innovation and experience.

Participação nas feiras internacionais

The creation of the Opuspac University (corporate university) at its new plant, still under construction, is another significant step in bringing knowledge and security to the national and global healthcare market.

New campus of Opuspac University and industrial facilities under construction



Our differential is to sell solutions and not only Unit-dose machines and Hospital Logistics Automation, when you buy a machine and receive a support and security system that you did not expect.

All this would not be as effective if we did not have the complementarity between your needs and our solutions. We develop in Brazil for the domestic market with quality and strong requirements demanded by global markets.

Victor Basso
Opuspac Ltda.
Opuspac University