Opus Mat: Smart cabinet for materials controlled one by one, by product weight.

Unitary dispenser of Mats and Meds

Unit Dispensing of Materials.
Safe Stock Technology

• Equipment configurable from 10 to 14 trays of three different heights 35, 90 and 180 mm with horizontal measurements of 340 x 530 mm, ISO Standard
• Surface to support items up to 2.6 m²
• Volumetric capacity of up to 300 liters per tower, with the possibility of adding more towers
• All trays are heavy. The computer has already received information on the weight of each product
• When a product is ordered, a light indicates the pick-up position and a door opens
• The system knows if you have checked out one, two or more units
• Accepts a wide variety of products in each tray
• Access by biometrics or name and password
• 15″ color touch screen. Windows 10 operating system, i7 CPU
• System to unlock the doors in the event of a power outage
• Sends report of items to complete
• Upload withdrawals to the patient’s account
• Receives prescription or operator authorization
• Intuitive and fast operation
• Measurements: 2,200 × 530 × 740 mm (H × W × D)

Fast Return on Investment (ROI) by reducing or eliminating inventory deviations.

Eliminates the need to check the inventory daily, saving time for professionals and, consequently, increasing productivity.

200-bed hospital case with 13 Opus Mats, ROI = 18 months

**Our equipment may change without notice due to constant technological improvements.