Opus Mat: Smart cabinet for materials controlled one by one, by product weight.

Unitary dispenser of Mats and Meds

Unit Dispensing of Materials.
Safe Stock Technology

• Equipment configurable from 10 to 14 trays of three different heights 35, 90 and 180 mm with horizontal measurements of 340 x 530 mm, ISO Standard
• Surface to support items up to 2.6 m²
• Volumetric capacity of up to 300 liters per tower, with the possibility of adding more towers
• All trays are heavy. The computer has already received information on the weight of each product
• When a product is ordered, a light indicates the pick-up position and a door opens
• The system knows if you have checked out one, two or more units
• Accepts a wide variety of products in each tray
• Access by biometrics or name and password
• 15″ color touch screen. Windows 10 operating system, i7 CPU
• System to unlock the doors in the event of a power outage
• Sends report of items to complete
• Upload withdrawals to the patient’s account
• Receives prescription or operator authorization
• Intuitive and fast operation
• Measurements: 2,200 × 530 × 740 mm (H × W × D)

Fast Return on Investment (ROI) by reducing or eliminating inventory deviations.

Eliminates the need to check the inventory daily, saving time for professionals and, consequently, increasing productivity.

200-bed hospital case with 13 Opus Mats, ROI = 18 months

**Our equipment may change without notice due to constant technological improvements.

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Unit Dose and Liquid Fractionating Machines

Unit Dose and Fractionation Machines or Opuspac medication distribution system, in addition to being easy to operate for the employee, greatly speeds up the process of dispensing medications per unit dose. They are innovative machines in the concern with patient safety, in the medication process, in the possibility of guidance on risks and alerts about medications for the care team, avoiding Adverse Events.

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Why unitarize

Unitarization is the process of preparing meds in ready form to be administered to the patient.

This process is normally carried out at the Hospital Pharmacy, Medicines Storage Sector or Unit Dose Center for several hospitals, but always linked to the responsibility and control of the Hospital Pharmacy. Unitarization or fractionating of medicines is important to centralize the control of meds in the Hospital Pharmacy and to differentiate packaging. Also to place a hospital barcode.

The centralization of control allows a reduction of up to 57% of Adverse Events, according to two studies carried out in Germany and the USA.

Identification of Mats and Meds

Opus Flag

Opus Ink

Smart Cabinets

Pik One



Opuspac’s Original Packaging


Software Opus 4.0 (imagem ilustrativa)

Opus 5.0

Software PickOS (imagem ilustrativa)


Software COLOS Pro (imagem ilustrativa)

Colos Pro