30G + BC 200

Integrated blister cutter and unit dose machine for ampoules and blisters

30G+BC200i - blister cut and unit dose of ampoules and blisters

The most complete and reliable all-in-one system. It changes everything.

Opus 30G

Unit dose of ampoules, small vials, flaconnettes and kits*. The evolution of an approved solution used in over 950 hospitals in 27 countries.

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*For kits it is necessary to use the Bi-Manual System (optional, sold separately). See more details about the Opus 30G.

BC 200

Tabletop blister cutter, with a capacity of up to 1,200 units per hour. Compatible with approximately 90% of meds blister packs.

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Opus Bio Packaging

Biodegradable input** according to Anvisa’s RDC 51 and RDC 105 and ASTM D5511 / ASTM D6601 standards.

**Unit dose supplies are not included with the equipment. Must be purchased separately.

Opus 5.0 Plus

Opuspac software to control and print information on 2,000 medicines, with integration with all hospital HIS/ERPs.

Easy Cut

Advanced Opuspac software to define the cutting position of blisterpack.

Opuspac System for Patient Safety

Printing med information, route of administration, advices and alerts on the packaging.

Unit dose packaging with easy-open system, with optional color stripe.