Opus Flag

Automatic Labeling of Ampoules and Vials

Opus Flag is another step in the automation of Hospital Pharmacy. It loads the ampoules, prints and inserts a flag, identifying the medicine.

Opus Flag Features

  • Automatic change of format, without mechanical adjustments
  • From 0.5 mL ampoules up to 25 mm diameter vials
  • Automatic feeding of product to labeling
  • Up to 800* loading ampoules at the feeder.
  • Labels with large surface to print alerts and advices
  • Roll with different color to reduce Adverse Events

*Maximum quantity depends on ampoule size.

  • Flag do not block reading of original label
  • Robust construction
  • Gives excellent volumetric results in automatic dispensing cabinets


  • Automatic and manual modes
  • Output up to 2,200 units per hour
  • Power: single phase 220 volts 50 or 60 Hz
  • Consumption 600 watts
  • No compressed air required
  • Space required: 2 x 2 m


Finest Mechanical Work

All mechanism has a carefully made finish and precision.

Change of format is made with no hand adjustments and only electronic settings.

Dry printing by thermotransfer ribbon, good since the first label.

Ribbon comsumption only takes the lenght of the text only, not the label lenght.

Fully Automatic Loading

Ampoules up to 25 mm in diameter can be loaded in groups of 200 units or more.

Capacity for up to 800 units, for smaller bottles, depending on their sizes.

Database with alerts, advices and figures

Ready to print instructions oriented to Patient Safety with up 100+ different layouts related to 2,000+ medicines.

High Volumetric Index at Dispensing Cabinet

Due to its configurations, label do not ocupy more volume and allows more unit stocks in cabinet drawers.

It occupies a small area in the Hospital Pharmacy

**Our equipment may change without prior notice due to constant technological improvements.

The first step in a complete integrated and scalable robotic solution of hopitalar logistics flow.

Together with Opus Flag – for ampoules and vials, AIVAK is the first step in the Opuspac Hospital Logistics Flow Solution.

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