A paradigm shift:
Instant Unit Dose

Practical, safe, and reliable

Opus Nina is the new concept of the instantaneous unitarization for small batches.

For ampoules, small vials, oral solids*, kits, and medical products.

It is possible to unitize one or more units without losing packaging material, as the first one already comes out printed.

*Blisters must be pre-cut.

Main Features

  • Opus Nina SW software for automatization
  • Opus 5.0+ printing software with a database for 2,000 medications, including notifications and alerts
  • Productivity up to 1,100 unit doses per hour
  • Guaranteed safety with light barrier
  • Quick setup — less than 60 seconds

Packaging dimensions*.
*Other dimensions may be considered in the future.

Easily select medication through a tablet.

The operator types the first letter of the medication name on the tablet and selects it.

The software indicates the position of the medication.

After that, you just need to scan the barcode of the package using the tablet. The information is transmitted to the Opus Nina unitarizer, which is already set to print on the unit dose.

Unitarization in Seconds

When the items are placed in the packaging and the hands is removed, the light curtain triggers the command to seal and print, delivering the ready unit dose.

Opus Nina occupies a tabletop space of just 63 × 55 × 64 cm (H×W×D). Optional table.


Safe process in just one place

Keep Opus Nina and the controlled medications in the controlled room

Opus Nina Brochure
Instantaneous unitarization, no loss of packaging material for small batches.
Size: 8.76 MB

*All our equipment is subject to change without prior notice due to constant technological improvements.
improvements. Some images are for illustrative purposes only.