BC 200

Blister cutter

Equipment for unitary cutting of blister cards. It can work as desktop equipment. Suitable for small batches or integrated with the Opus 30G machine in automatic mode, according to the customer’s request.

This equipment is the natural evolution after 9 years of manufacturing blister cutters.

Máquina cortadora de bl´íster de mesa BC 200

Cutting speed up to 1,200 unit doses per hour, depending on the type of card.

We have a library of more than 250 cards and their cutting parameters.

The customer can also send the sheets to be produced to Opuspac in advance, or define the cutting parameters for new sheets himself using the Easy Cut software.

Cuts between 85 and 90% of the cards on the market, including aluminum-aluminium.

Very simple operation. When working in stand-alone mode (both equipment separate)*, production is much higher, as it is cutting while packaging ampoules.

Know more about 30G + BC 200 integrated

*When integrated with Opus 30G (optional, sold separately)

Occupied space of 0.58 m2.

Power 220 VAC, 1,500 watts. Supplied with voltage stabilizer.

Very advanced equipment with 35 alarms.


Automatic packaging of the cut blister + unit dose of ampoules integrated with Opus 30G


Enclosed equipment to meet international market requirements

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements of the MTE (NR12 and NR10), ABNT, NBR, and INPAME Standards for Protection of Work on Machines
  • Compliance with EC regulatory requirements
  • Emergency button with safety relay
  • Fixed protections in operators’ risk areas


with up to 90%

of the cards on the market

Blister dimensional

Maximum side dimensions: 18 x 30 mm.
Maximum blister height: 9.5 mm.
Minimum blister height limit: 3 mm.

Blisterpack dimensional

Minimum Dimensional (W x L): 33 x 68 mm.
Maximum Dimensional (W x L): 100 x 135 mm.

Blister distance

Minimum required distance of 2.5 mm between blisters, regardless of the constructive design.

Dimension of the tab of the card

The distance from the edge of the card to the blister must be at least 3.5 mm.

Blister angle

Possibility of cuts with blister orientation at 45 degrees.

Card thickness

The minimum card thickness is 0.17mm.

Types of cards

  • Cutting of transparent and colored plastic cards
  • Cutting aluminum cards
  • Perforated cards
  • Card material in PVC or PET + aluminum

Easy Cut

Advanced Opuspac software to define the cutting position of the blister cards.

Brochure 30G + BC 200
Complete machine with stand-alone or integrated modules for cutting blisters and unit dose of ampoules and blisters (PDF).
Size: 5.72 MB

Software and API Opus 5.0 Plus