Unit Dose and Hospital Logistics Automation

• Efficiency above 99%

• Advanced software for integrated operations +

Opus Bio s
upplies with biodegradable material2

• Complete solutions for hospitals of all sizes, with more than
950 installations in 27 countries

1. Line of smart cabinets. See other equipment
2. Ampoules and oral solids unit dose packaging rolls

A set of solutions oriented to Patient Safety



Line for labeling ampoules and vials and cutting and unitizing oral solids for larger hospitals.

Opus Flag


Solutions for unitizing ampoules and blister packs, with blister cutting, for small and medium-sized hospitals.

Opus 30G
BC 200
30G + BC 200
Opus MK5


Safe Stock

Unit dispensing (ONE to ONE) of mats and meds with Safe Stock technology/software and Patient Safety alerts.

Pik One
Opus Mat
Opus Ink

“I have been using the OPUSPAC system since 2015, and I am very satisfied with the robustness and reliability of the equipment!”

Luiz Gonçalves Mende Jr
Pharmacist | HUMAP-UFMS and Pharmacy Coordinator at Santa Casa de Campo Grande

I would like to congratulate Opuspac for their equipment, which is of extremely high quality and performs a swift and intelligent process.

I dare say that, by far, they are the best equipment available in the market currently. Success!

Adriele Pimentel
Clinical and Hospital Pharmacist — Curitiba, Parana, Brazil — CRF-PR 36.000

“I admire Opuspac products with great enthusiasm! Today we use an Opus 30X in the hospital and there is no other brand on the national market that surpasses its quality and durability.”

Pedro Paulo Pedrosa Netto
Supplies Coordinator at Muriaé Cancer Hospital — Cristiano Varella Foundation — Minas Gerais, Brazil

Continuous improvement cycle with Opuspac System solutions

Lean Healthcare

Modern Lean methodologies to reduce hospital waste.

Hardware and Software Automation

From the unit dose to the bedside, all equipment for the complete hospital logistics chain.

Patient Safety

Reduction of Adverse Events with methodologies that we are working in several hospitals.

Complete cycle from the Unit Dose to the Patient

The Opuspac solutions are innovative in the concern with Patient Safety and care from the Unit Dose to the Centralized and Distributed Logistics in the Central Pharmacy and other areas.

We reduce waste and provide Safe Stock, with automated operations that streamline the logistics processes and dispensing of unit doses.

Softwares Opuspac - Easy Cut, Smart Pick, Opus Sync e Opus 5.0 Plus.

Course platform for professional practice

Opuspac University is a corporate university, the educational arm of Opuspac, which produces knowledge to support the quality of processes for healthcare professionals and internal staff.