How to Improve Processes

1 Introduction Process management defines the step-by-step of the company's key activities. It evaluates the effectiveness of routines and procedures and is able to visualize [...]

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The Importance of Barcodes

The barcode can be considered one of the great innovations of the 20th century. This automation technology allows for more detailed transaction information and, consequently, [...]

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Patient Quality and Safety Tools

According to the Institute of Medicine, USA, patient safety is part of the discipline of Quality. In general all world talk about Quality and Patient Safety and in many cases of Quality Assurance, as a whole, involving both disciplines.

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The Human Aspects of Safety

As per our education and culture we have incorporated assurances such as the following: We are the result of our dedication and effort. We are the product of our desire to be and do things. Good people get the best results and do not make mistakes. We cannot fail. We have free will and we do it our way.

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HRO, how to reach Zero Error?

YES, there are organizations that work with zero error. Or at least, do not consider an option, to have a single error (although sometimes it happens). These are called High Reliability Organizations (HRO).

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