Brochure 30G+BC200i
Complete machine with stand-alone or integrated modules for cutting blisters and unit dose of ampoules and blisters (PDF).
Size: 6 MB

Brochure Opuspac Equipment + Software
PDF with complete Opuspac solutions from Unidose and Hospital Logistics, including the Premium, Convenience, Dispensaries, Pharmacy Picking, Safe Stock and proprietary softwares.
Size: 2 MB

AIVAK Brochure
AIVAK brochure - Blister robotic unit dose - PDF
Size: 5 MB

Opus Flag V3 Brochure
Updated on 06/2022. Opus Flag brochure, for automatic labeling of ampoules and vials, in PDF.
Size: 4 MB

Opus Ink Brochure
Opus Ink machine, for direct printing of characters and codes for identification of mats and meds (PDF brochure).
Size: 950 KB

Opus MK5 Brochure
Opus MK5 brochure, machine for fractionation and unit dose of liquids - syrups, creams, herbal medicines, alcohol gel, cleaning products and others (PDF).
Size: 3 MB