One-to-one Medication Smart Cabinet with Safe Stock

Smart cabinet for 70 SKU in each module with capacity for up to 1,800 units, depending on the volume of the items.

The Solution you were waiting for.

• Conditions for storage of Cold Chain Medicines – Possibility of purchasing a cabinet with refrigeration for thermolabile products.

• 21″ touch screen.

• Advanced software that relates to all sectors.

• Produced by the Opuspac Group company using the same level of technology of its products.

• Proven technology.

• Dispensing ONE by ONE – or more – without losing unit control in all deliveries.

• The product does not fall, as a tray goes up to it and picks it up.

• Reinforced metal cabinet, suitable for high value products.

• Power 220 V, 50/60 Hz, up to 1,200 Watts. Connection via ethernet cable or WiFi 3G/4G.

Intelligent software with HL7 protocol

The software connects to the hospital’s ERP through a database. From it you have access to patient records, prescriptions, patient accounts, logs of people with access authorization, passwords, inventory and replacement orders.

Double check

The correct output of the product is guaranteed, yet the bar code is controlled on withdrawal.

To ensure a Safe Stock

Products not loaded into the patient’s account and other deviations cause significant losses in the hospital’s economy. Ensuring that you cannot withdraw more than the amount authorized by the system, Pik One provides great savings.

PPO Modules (Pik One + Opus Mat):
Smart Dispensers for ER, ICU, CC
and Satellite Pharmacies

1 PIK One module for mats and meds
2 PIK One module for mats and meds
3 Opus Mat module for bulky or low-cost materials

The PPO Module is a set of smart dispensers with unitary dispensing one by one. It has 70 + 70 SKUs of mats and meds and capacity for up to 2,600 units, with an additional cabinet with electronic doors for bulky or cheap products.


Suitable for meds or mats, including mixed.

Very economical product, with cost up to 60% lower than other equipment with less performance.

High-level proprietary software SmartPick, with layouts and alerts for Patient Safety.

It delivers only the exact quantity requested by the system.

It has a light alert to certify that the product has fallen into the collecting tray.

It connects directly with MV and Tasy (in process) and via API with other systems.

It can also operate stand-alone, with a computer at the side connected to the ERP.


Economy is very high if there are currently people serving Satellite Stocks.

For other cases, the flow of monthly products must be calculated, multiplied by the Loss Index and compared with the cost of rent. Anything that exceeds the renting value is a profit.


Medidas em mm.

The third step of the integrated robotic flow Opuspac

The Opuspac Hospital Logistic Flow allows a complete automation cycle, from the unit dose of drugs – with AIVAK and Flag – to the robotic picking – with Opuspick – at the Central Pharmacy and distribution to Satellite Pharmacies.*

*Opuspac equipment operates independently or together, integrated, as they are compatible, allowing scalable investment in the complete automation of the hospital logistics flow.

More Information

Discover how Opuspac solutions can provide savings and safety to patients through complete automation.

Download Material:

Brochure Pik One (PDF)
Opuspac System Simplified Integral Logistics Diagram (PDF)

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