Electronic assisted picking for Central Pharmacy with closed drawers gives the process more stability


You can do centralized logistic oriented to patient, preparing the exact drug and materials the patient requires at such period of the day.

Products can be grouped through Pres-pack or loading a master cart.
It is also possible to use Opuspick to load the satellite Pharmacies.

Equipment is configurated according to customer requirements in sizes and number of boxes.
Size of command module is 390 mm x 510 mm (deepness) and 212 mm height. Additional module width 780 mm.
Maximum configuration: 8 additional modules. Each one is up to 96 drawers (small size) per module and up to 6 divisions per drawer, in total, each module: 576 SKU.

Drawer opens only when system requests. Then the barcode of drug is read making a double checking.
Includes touch screen display, computer, label printer and barcode readers.


Pres-Pack: Prescription package ready to patient-time

Pres-pack is the prescription package ready to the patient at that time of the day or night.

With similarity to the robotic systems it prepares the package for the centralized logistics of Meds oriented to patient.

It uses our Opuspick automatized pharmacy picking dispenser to create the Pres-Packs.

Pres-Pack is adressed to one specific patient, knowing the weight of him or her, HIS can provide the dilution calculation ready to the nurse, to be printed here.

When one or more Meds are with risk of falling, HIS can provide an alert of Risk of falling, to be placed at Pres-Pack.

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Opus 30X Unitarizadora de Medicamentos

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Opuspac’s Original Packaging


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