Opus One:

The most economical mobile option

Print and pack.

Suitable for:

  • Small Lots
  • Meds without taking them out of its storage
  • Mats and Medical Products
  • Prepare sets and kits
  • Emergency repackaging
  • For small and large institutions

Medicaments in packages from 70 to 250 mm wide. 200 dpi.

Simple, Practical, Mobile, Connected and Economical

It prints, connects with IT, packs like the big machines and still accompanies, free of charge, the Opuspac System

Opus One Advantages

  • Large working range
  • Large ribbon economy, it spends according to the size of the print and not according to the size of the packaging
  • No IT connection cost
  • 200 dpi quality – the only one that ensures faultless reading
  • Lower cost for packing material

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  • Width of the packages: from 70 to 180 mm
  • 5″ color display for reading and information input of 5.5-inch color with touchscreen
  • 200 dpi industrial printer with two motors that advances the ribbon independently of the advance of the packaging material
  • Machine with 12 months warranty
  • Lower ribbon consumption
  • Large reels, up to 10,000 units per reel to reduce wasting
  • Integration with IT with no additional cost
  • Opus 5.0 software with free lifetime license
  • Free online technical support
  • Future integration with Opuspac equipment
  • Dimensions: 0,65 m x 0,50 m x 0,80 m (face x deep x high)
  • Packages sizes (mm): 70 x 75, 70 x 130, 100 x 220, 100 x 260, 150 x 260, 150 x 350, 250 x 315
  • Weight: 71.5Kg
  • Optional printer Markem Imaje with ribbon width 55mm, recommended for printing alert layouts and medication warnings

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