The Lean Pharmacy Culture and Application of Lean Healthcare Principles in Hospital Pharmacy
Lean is a way of seeing things. It's about learning to differentiate between what has value and what doesn't. This book covers a subject that is rarely covered, which is the application of Lean Healthcare methodologies in the context of Hospital Pharmacy.
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Autor: Marcelo Murad

Lean Healthcare Culture
If you have ever felt as a manager that the current vision did not provide all the answers you needed, this is your book. A new paradigm, a culture with new tools to face reality.
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Author: Victor Basso

Patient Safety
Lean, Quality and Patient Safety. Together, these disciplines tend to revolutionize hospital administration. In this work we bring concepts such as Lean, used by large companies such as Toyota, and others that, applied to the Health area, reduce waste, increase profitability and prevent errors in medication administration, improving Patient Safety.
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The Opuspac System for Patient Safety
This book is aimed at people who work in Hospital Pharmacies, Logistics, Nursing, Quality, Managers and health professionals in general. It deals with various meds and mats logistics topics, with emphasis on the dose unitization process, which we consider part of the hospital's logistics cycle.
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Author: Victor Basso