Opus 30X

Necessary Automation
One step forward to complete the automation of Hospital Pharmacy

Now to convert in unit-dose, is not necessary to cut manually or take out of the blister

This new hospital automation technology by Opuspac is the result of several years of research and investment. It places us in a select group of companies that produces this advanced type of equipment.

Reduces the cost of cutting blister packs, avoiding wasting material by expiration overdue date and following a safer procedure, without the need of working in a clean area.

1. Receives up to 100 blister to cut, placed over the entrance magazine.
2. Store data for cutting each type of blister.
3. Deliver product ready to convert in unit-dose at Opus 30X machine.
• There are blister that cannot be cut by machine. It depends on the configuration and distance between the cavities.
• Output up to 2.600 units per hour.
• Works only with Opus 30X machine.
• External sizes: 794 mm (frontal) x 974 mm (deepness) x 1.140 mm height.